Episode # 69: The Name Game Gun Show


I never invented anything.

People were lifting heavy shit ages ago.

I admit my psychological issues in the wide open here....I can't afford therapy, so crazy I will remain.

Maybe you need to get crazy to get results.

I'm not talking results in the gym, I'm talking results in life.


It's not over yet, trust me kids, I got more crazy shiz where that came from....

Crazy Marketing = http://killitmarketing.com

Crazy training = http://UndergroundStrengthManual.com

More craziness coming soon 🙂

Kill it!

--Coach Z--

5 Responses

  1. bergknappe says:

    amazing vid’s comrade. thank you for YOUR influence

  2. Hey Zach, I am lovin the show keep em coming. Have you done a show dedicated to neck training? I need some tips for neck training, I never train neck but really suffer from skinny man pencil neck syndrome help!!! although my traps will soon be level with ear lobes!! I have a neck harness on order, so some tips on using this equipment would go down a treat bro. Thanks Zach.

  3. Hell Yes! Give credit where credit is due, especially to all of the “cellar dwellers”. Lovin’ the Underground Strength Show – Thanks!

  4. Never cease to amaze..haha

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