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John Welbourn preps for the Zombies.

10 Lessons Learned Since Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy happened about 2 years ago, hitting NJ pretty heavily. The town I live in, Manasquan, NJ, got hammered, especially the area 1 mile from the water front. I remember that day very clearly and it was one of the biggest learning experiences I’ve had, mainly about people, business and life in general. I’ve…… More


STRONG Life 33: Ray Jaz, NO Easy Day & Arnold Legacy

You think you’re working hard until someone makes you rethink what work ethic, commitment, intensity and passion looks like at the NEXT level. That is the key to the latest STRONG Life Podcast. I’ll be giving you insight into the story behind a kid who may have rivaled my own passion and intensity as a…… More


Training When You Don’t Feel Like It?

What do you do when your body and mind don’t meet at the half way point and agree on training? Deep down, it’s likely a planned training day. You coincidentally came across a handful of articles, warning you against the dangers of over training, adrenal burn out, listening to your body and the importance of…… More


STRONG Life Ep 30: Elliott Hulse Throwback & A STRONGER YOU!

This is a “throwback” podcast, the first of it’s kind. Before podcasts were out, I was recording some shorter interviews and posting them to the blog but they have gotten buried in literally thousands of blog posts, articles, videos and etc. They are too powerful to let slip away, so here is my throwback STRONG…… More

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