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4 Tips for Training Female Clients

4 Tips for Training Female Clients by Neghar Fonooni Tip # 1: Help her find the middle In my 14 years as a coach, I’ve worked with women who were afraid to touch a kettlebell and worried that they’d get injured lifting weights. On the other hand, I’ve worked with women who punished themselves with…… More

Roman Fitness Systems

Women VS Men: Should Women Train Differently Than Men?

Should women train differently than men? If you’re a Strength Coach, pay attention. For my Guy readers, please forward this to your lady friends. (BIG thanks in advance for sharing!) Being a Dad, I pay a LOT of attention as to what will help my daughter achieve BIG success in all areas of LIFE. To…… More


SPARTAN Business Advice

I get LOTS of business questions. LOTS. The MAIN problem I see amongst other coaches and entrepreneurs in general is they are too busy following and copying and doing nothing unique or different. In essence, they are not being themselves. This is also known as being sheep. Take a look at my gym web site…… More


5 Ways To Overcome Life Obstacles

In this episode of The STRONG Life Podcast I wanted to share some tips in overcoming obstacles after I came across a YouTube comment. I also want you to read the quote in the photo above, by Helen Keller, and think about it for a minute or two before you go ahead and listen to…… More

My Motto Is Simple: "Once You Stop Learning, You Stop Living"

STRONG Life Weekend Learning List – July 11, 2014

The image above sums up what the weekend learning list is all about, along with my own quote. I am always learning and every week I am reading a new book, receiving coaching from another expert, ALWAYS implementing (that is THE key) and experimenting to see what works and what doesn’t work. Before we kick…… More

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