What To Do When You Don’t Feel Like Doing!?


Don't be shocked when you read this. We're ALL human. There is weakness in ALL of us. In my mind, weakness is evil, so it pisses me off and inspires me into action. It's 8:15 PM on a Monday night. My gym is over 90 degrees and my energy has been put towards MANY things: Waking up at 5 AM to do work on the beautiful interwebs. Playing Tennis with my kids and losing against my 9 year old daughter (Truth) Driving 45 minutes to the gym and 45 minutes lies ahead of me to get home I'm … [Read more...]

You Are EXACTLY Where You Want To Be


I came across quotes saying "You are exactly where you are meant to be" and to an extent, I believe this, but not fully. I believe it is more about You are exactly where you WANT to be. If you WANT something, then you find way and make it happen. I want to share with you a few lessons in "making it happen".... … [Read more...]

STRONG Life Ep 61: The STRONGEST QnA of ALL Time


In episode 61 of The STRONG Life Podcast I answer EVERY question that came through my Instagram post when I said I'd crush a podcast for you! Here are just some of the questions I answered: - How to train for strength while working construction - Coming back from a knee and / or shoulder inury - The mindset I have in building a kick ass business & life … [Read more...]

NO Time To Train = NO Such Thing


We've all heard the saying, "I've got no time....." We all know, there is truly no such excuse. We make time for what's important and make excuses for what is not. There are many days I find myself in a time crunch, especially this Summer as I have my kids in various sports camps and I am driving here and there and then attacking my business and day to day activities. Some would advise to wake up earlier and get the training in but when you're a working family, you can't go and leave an … [Read more...]

Hotel Gyms, Prison Strength Equipment & Inspiration

York Dumbbellls at The Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis, Mn.

York Dumbbellls at The Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis, Mn.I heard the stories of this gym. Supposedly, it was quite the sight to see. At least that's what everyone was saying, so naturally, I HAD to see if there was A Gym God inside a hotel. It was Saturday around 10 AM and Marty Gallagher has just finished his presentation. I was fired UP and sitting down was the last thing my mind and body would dare conform to do. I changed into my gym shorts and hit the elevator to the 6th … [Read more...]

Time, Respect & Warrior Wisdom


In life, you need to get to a point where you stand up for yourself. Remember the famous words: "Stand for something or Fall for anything...." If you don't stand up for yourself and what you believe in, then people will walk all over you. This doesn't mean you stop being nice or start acting like an a**hole. It means that it is OK to take care of YOU. If you don't, people will take you for a ride. Let me explain.... … [Read more...]

STRONG Life Ep 60: Cory Gregory on Mental Toughness, Dedication & Work Ethic


In episode 60 of The STRONG Life Podcast I grill Cory Gregory of Muscle Pharm BUT NOT in the typical interview style you've been hearing recently. We crushed this STRONGCast for 1 hour and then I went back and added my BIG takeaways from this interview and lessons in general from Cory. Here's just some of what you'll learn from this episode: … [Read more...]

You Have Greater Potential Than You Know!


If you think too much, and most people do, you will never reach your potential. You will dissect everything and find out 100 reasons why you can't, when all you need is 1 BIG reason WHY you CAN. You are truly capable of Greatness. In this Video, I explain how you must change your mind so you can ultimately change your life. This Video is critical to watch. See below. … [Read more...]

It’s Dangerous Out There & 9 Life Lessons For A STRONG Life


Here's some straight talk about LIFE and how to stay STRONG, even when the cards are stacked against you. Pay attention to detail and remember that success leaves clues. You might think this post is jaded or that this is a negative way of thinking, but I've learned in my lifetime to literally always sleep with one eye open. As soon as you relax and think that everything is all good you become vulnerable. I used to NOT think like this. I thought everyone had a heart, everyone was genuine and … [Read more...]

Don’t Be That Strength Coach


Since being in gyms from the age of 13 (1989) until today where I own 2 gyms and work with Coaches around the world on both training and business, I have learned a few things that are often NOT spoken of. I've seen gyms come and go. I've payed attention to the small details as to WHY some succeeded and why some did not. I've seen why some Strength Coaches crush it and why others always toil in mediocrity. I've seen Strength Coaches with the abundance mindset and I've seen other Strength … [Read more...]