We Need MORE People Getting Farm Boy STRONG

farm boy strong

Too many Coaches have gotten entirely too nice with athletes and their training. Or, they refuse to learn and refuse to change, in turn doing dangerous and stupid training that either doesn’t work and / or injures athletes. “This is how I always trained…..” is what they say. Small minds refuse to change. Small minded […]

You Are EXACTLY Where You Want To Be


I came across quotes saying “You are exactly where you are meant to be” and to an extent, I believe this, but not fully. I believe it is more about You are exactly where you WANT to be. If you WANT something, then you find way and make it happen. I want to share with […]

Hotel Gyms, Prison Strength Equipment & Inspiration

York Dumbbellls at The Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis, Mn.

York Dumbbellls at The Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis, Mn. I heard the stories of this gym. Supposedly, it was quite the sight to see. At least that’s what everyone was saying, so naturally, I HAD to see if there was A Gym God inside a hotel. It was Saturday around 10 AM and Marty Gallagher […]

I Changed My Mind: REAL World Strength AND Bodybuilding


It must have been 6 years ago or so, I remember the moment quite clearly. We were outside The Underground Strength Gym, the athletes were hitting their finishers and training like farm boys. Back and forth they went pushing and pulling sleds, carrying the anvil, the atlas stone, dumbbells, kettlebells and sandbags. A BIG bodybuilder […]

How to Get STRONGER Training Under Fatigue


I find myself more and more returning to methods I used in the 90s. Maybe it’s my age, both in biological terms and training age terms. Spending all these years under the bar since 1989 I am still excited to train and finding new ways to keep getting better. I don’t want to make the […]

Time, Respect & Warrior Wisdom


In life, you need to get to a point where you stand up for yourself. Remember the famous words: “Stand for something or Fall for anything….” If you don’t stand up for yourself and what you believe in, then people will walk all over you. This doesn’t mean you stop being nice or start acting […]

STRONG Life Ep 60: Cory Gregory on Mental Toughness, Dedication & Work Ethic


In episode 60 of The STRONG Life Podcast I grill Cory Gregory of Muscle Pharm BUT NOT in the typical interview style you’ve been hearing recently. We crushed this STRONGCast for 1 hour and then I went back and added my BIG takeaways from this interview and lessons in general from Cory. Here’s just some […]

5 Program Design Tips for Building Dominant Athletes


Training goes far beyond sets and reps. Far beyond in season, off season, pre season and post season. Far beyond science….. In this Video I break down the training methods, the assessment, how I blend gym experience with science and why the training must go beyond what happens in the gym. Get your pen and […]

You Have Greater Potential Than You Know!


If you think too much, and most people do, you will never reach your potential. You will dissect everything and find out 100 reasons why you can’t, when all you need is 1 BIG reason WHY you CAN. You are truly capable of Greatness. In this Video, I explain how you must change your mind […]

Strength Coach Business & Life Tips – July 2015


Every time I open up the gates for QnA, half or more than half are from Strength Coaches or aspiring Strength Coaches. The more I soak this fact in, the more I realize we are an ARMY of Coaches, together, we can change the lives of this younger generation because we are STRONGER as a […]