Why You Need Squats & Deadlifts to Strengthen the Mind AND Body


Sometimes you gotta clear your head.

And for "normal folk", that means getting a few beers, maybe drink some wine.

For people like Us, that means squats and deads.

Yes, we're organized and planning our training. We've got a goal set, whether it's your first time squatting 315, deadlifting 500 or more, you've got goals.

But it goes deeper than that. It's not solely about the numbers.

It's about clearing your mind and experiencing what we call Iron Therapy.

The past few weeks I've been focused on the box squat to give my R Knee a break and to see where the box squat takes me. Will this boost my deadlift? Will my box squat climb the way my squat climbed? Everything is a test, an experiment.

And most of all, Squats and Deads test the mind. Fighting under a bar. Grinding to lock out the deadlift.

I'll tell ya, I NEVER saw guys dumping the squat bar when I was a kid, a teenager or in my 20s. I started seeing this giving up under the bar BS when the internet popularized weightlifting.

You don't give up under the bar, this is called Make the rep or Die.

Yes, sounds crazy, but guess what, normal actions is the same as being average.


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We have 5 choices in our life. . One thing I’ve learned since being around athletes for 20+ years is that many athletes talk about their lofty goals yet their actions do not match What it takes to achieve those big goals. . One thing that is definite, normal actions equals normal results. . Do you quit and give up because your friends are not doing something? . Do you quit training because it inconveniences your social life? . If you are a quitter or a follower, it is very likely that on your best day you will only be good. . Good enough is the death of greatness. . #NickSaban #scotchplains #manasquan #undergroundstrengthcoach #undergroundstrengthgym #livethecode365 #unstoppable #relentless #nj #jerseyshore

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I felt this video from Coach Nick Saban sums up more than just athletics, but life as well. Some people are downright happy with being average, being a clock puncher.

I can't accept that nor can I relate to it.

In the video above, I switched up my traditional Deads for thick bar Deads.

It was a solid change and I worked up to my heaviest without a belt.

I was a new man when I was done training on that day.

Remember, in order to have a break through, you must often break yourself down. THAT is how you come back stronger.

This psychological component applies to the training of athletes as well. Many of the athletes I train struggle with confidence. Or, they need that added edge so they can win at the highest levels, including D1 athletes, not just the local teenagers I train.

Mindset is key. You Must BUILD it. And most of all, EARN IT.

Live The Code 365,


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  1. Yes, training and pushing against the iron is great for clearing the mind. Squats and dead lifts are fantastic for doing this.

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