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270 Matt Nichol | Strength Coach Professionalism, Old Training Books & Safely Building “Mental Toughness” in Athletes

STRONG Life Podcast 270 with Matt Nichol. In this episode of The STRONG Life Podcast, We discuss the following topics: – Strength Coach Professionalism – Building Grit & Mental Toughness in Athletes today AND doing it Safely – The Hunger

246 | Matt Nichol & Learning from Legends in Strength & Conditioning

WOW! What a BEAST of a podcast with Strength Coach, Matt Nichol. This is STRONG Life Podcast ep. 246. I first heard of Matt around 2004 when I was attending the first ever pilot certification for The IYCA which was

294: QnA | BJJ Strength Training, My BIGGEST Training Regret & Balancing Business with Family

STRONG Life Podcast ep 294, QnA Style. The questions I got for this episode were awesome, and, I still forgot to expand on a question that Matt Nichol asked so I hope my memory comes back to me for the

Building Grit & Mental Toughness in Athletes “Safely” + 5 Training Tips

Mental Toughness. Here we go again. One of the most overused phrases in the coaching world. What is it? How do you help athletes “Get Tough” and why is it even important? Well, being a kid who grew up in

Strength & Conditioning Thoughts: “Perfect” Training vs DOING THE WORK

Above: The Dumbbells at Diamond Gym. To get to the heaviest weights, you must do all the work to get them from the bottom! In sports, you can be a Coach or even a fan watching practice or competition and

How Strength & Conditioning Can Change Or Save Your LIFE

Guest Post by Shawn Charlebois, CUSC L1 Somebody much smarter than me once said “We Are What We Repeatedly Do”. I don’t know about you but I want to be strong. I did a lot of growing up in jail.

"Zach Even - Esh is the Charles Atlas of Powerlifting / Weightlifting / Athletic Training. He is a walking inspiration. A kick in the ass for all of us."
- Steven Pressfield, World Renown Author
War of Art & Turning Pro

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