Conspiracy Craziness, Upper Body Warm Ups + Specialty Bars for Shoulder Health


It's been a minute since I've posted a new article to the blog, and honestly, I am writing right now because it FEELS good to write. It's a therapy of sorts, similar to how I feel when training.

LOTS going on now.

I stayed calm and cool with the quarantine but now this craziness in NJ is out of control. I see lines out the door of Dairy Queen, other large chain businesses are packed to the gills and the only thing I ever see getting cleaned, if that's what it is, is a few sprays here and there of the shopping cart at the super market.

OK, I am ranting......

And, I am NOT a conspiracy theorist but I started thinking.....

Liquor stores and ice cream shoppes are packed.

Gym owners getting fined and gym goers getting arrested.

Kids playing 7-8 hours of video games daily.

Sounds like the ULTIMATE recipe for building a weak, broken country.

This is why when you train, you must think TRAINING FOR LIFE.

You don't know how bad this can get the next time around. A 2 week quarantine has become a 12 week quarantine at the time of this writing.

From a business standpoint, I have said it for almost 20 years now, if you're operating a private strength & conditioning facility, you should always have some online coaching available. Many Coaches scrambled as did the gym owners.

Since the quarantine I've had new products released, working on a new platform to release everything via my own app - PROGRESS is being made, even while others try to hold me back.

Kill or be Killed.


Rant Over. For Now.

On to some training.......

Note the upper body warm up in this Video:

Warming up the Shoulders & Pressing:

Multi directional plate raises

Mace training

BandBell bar for Pressing: Reverse Press, Close Grip Bench, JM Press

I will use the BandBell bar for pressing or the swiss bar. It is shoulder friendly compared to the straight bar and I do the same for our athletes. I'd say 75-85% of the time, we use a specialty bar. Longevity is the ultimate key here.

Note the use of slow eccentrics and pauses on the chest. The eccentrics help with building muscle as well as tendon strength, all are crucial, regardless of your age. This is "old school" bodybuilding, my friend. Fighting and controlling the eccentric. Not always, but going through a mini cycle of eccentrics is highly effective.

I've been doing this with some squats and trap bar deads as well. It is TOUGH, no 2 ways about it.

Until then, drop a comment or question below.

Live The Code 365,


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2 Responses

  1. Casey Tipton says:

    It’s not ranting Z! It’s called being pissed off for greatness!

    PS: I had to chuckle when I heard Devil went down to Georgia in the background. Not hating on the song, just doesn’t seem to be workout music. Lol

  2. Frank DiMeo says:

    Great to see you slinging that steel mace!

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