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STRONG Life 64: ALL Business QnA for Strength Coaches

Here we GO! Episode 64 of The STRONG Life Podcast where I answered a TON of Business Questions for Strength Coaches and Gym Owners. This episode brings the HEAT so don’t listen if you’re sensitive. The language is the type

STRONG Life Ep 63: The Problems with Waiting for Perfect

In Episode 63 of The STRONG Life Podcast I dig into the problems with waiting for “that perfect opportunity” or “the perfect time”. There is NO such thing as perfect. Everything we do is flawed in some shape or form.

STRONG Life 62: Former Navy SEAL, Andy Stumpf: Man On A Mission!

STRONG Life Podcast Ep. 62 takes a unique insight into the mindset of former Navy SEAL, Andy Stumpf. My words can’t do justice to the power behind what we share inside this podcast. This episode chokes me up because of

You Are EXACTLY Where You Want To Be

I came across quotes saying “You are exactly where you are meant to be” and to an extent, I believe this, but not fully. I believe it is more about You are exactly where you WANT to be. If you

STRONG Life Ep 61: The STRONGEST QnA of ALL Time

In episode 61 of The STRONG Life Podcast I answer EVERY question that came through my Instagram post when I said I’d crush a podcast for you! Here are just some of the questions I answered: – How to train

STRONG Life Ep 60: Cory Gregory on Mental Toughness, Dedication & Work Ethic

In episode 60 of The STRONG Life Podcast I grill Cory Gregory of Muscle Pharm BUT NOT in the typical interview style you’ve been hearing recently. We crushed this STRONGCast for 1 hour and then I went back and added

It’s Dangerous Out There & 9 Life Lessons For A STRONG Life

Here’s some straight talk about LIFE and how to stay STRONG, even when the cards are stacked against you. Pay attention to detail and remember that success leaves clues. You might think this post is jaded or that this is

STRONG Life 59: Book Review, Money Matters & Muscle Advices

In episode 50 of The STRONG Life Podcast I go raw and uncut. No intro music this time and for me, it’s a reminder of where I came from and a reminder for you, that there are NO excuses and

STRONG Life Ep 58: NO Holds Barred Strength Coach QnA + Training QnA

Above, The July 2015 Newly Certified Underground Strength Coach Wrecking Crew! In this episode of The STRONG Life Podcast I crush a heavy duty QnA covering the following topics: – The Strength Coach / Warehouse Gym Business. Topics from managing

STRONG Life Ep 57: 5 Rules to Live By!

    The old “golden rules” I heard about as a kid have somehow escaped many people nowadays. Perhaps I am more aware of this as an entrepreneur, in a cut throat world where many prefer a bigger bank account

"Zach Even - Esh is the Charles Atlas of Powerlifting / Weightlifting / Athletic Training. He is a walking inspiration. A kick in the ass for all of us."
- Steven Pressfield, World Renown Author
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