STRONG Life 133 | Dr. Andy Galpin & Zach Discuss The De-Evolution of Youth Athletes & Why The Work Is The Gift


We're about to break hearts with Episode 133 of The STRONG Life Podcast! If you're easily offended, best to step away now!

Onto the latest STRONG Life Podcast.......

I connected with Dr. Andy Galpin to discuss some of my favorite and passionate topics.

Here's just some of those topics.....

  • Why are youth athletes de-evolving? Why do we have more and more weak, fat, fragile athletes walking this earth today compared to merely 10 years ago? 
  • What role does nutrition play in how an athlete looks and performs?
  • Why didn't Andy go the entrepreneur route after living and spending so much time with my buddies at Barbell Shrugged?

  • The relation between stress and your mindset.
  • Why did Andy want to co author the book, Unplugged?

  • The stress of being an entrepreneur.
  • Why I regularly delete social apps from my phone.

  • Why we never heard of kids mentioning "My Mom / Dad / Aunt, etc has cancer" in the early 80s compared to now?
  • Being "Farm Boy STRONG"

  • The Gift of Work and why working / experiencing the outdoors is so powerful for your mind and body

We discuss lots more and my brain explodes as Andy and I bounce between science and experiences and how they blend together.

Enjoy and please share with your friends!


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I will find a way to crush a part 2 with Andy so standby!

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