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333 | Louie Simmons on Special Strength Training for MMA Fighters & Track Athletes, GPP for Youth Athletes & Lessons from The Westside Barbell Book of Methods

STRONG Life Podcast ep 333 This is a throwback interview I did with Louie Simmons, back in 2008. Back then, there were NO such thing as a podcast. I was using a landline to record these audio interviews for

283: “I Judge People by the Excuses they Make”

STRONG LIFE PODCAST EP. 283, HERE WE GO! I was reading through some old business newsletters that I used to subscribe to from about 2003 or so until maybe 2012. It’s all a blur but these business newsletters were over

STRONG Life Insider Ep. 46: Fighting to EARN Your Success

There’s a of of talk out there regarding success and how it should NOT be a grind, that it should be easy. When the truth is, it IS hard. There’s no 2 ways about it. Whether it’s athletics, academics, career,

Ep. 237 | The BIG Business Mistakes Among Strength Coaches

STRONG Life Podcast ep. 237, HERE WE GO! I don’t like to dedicate full episodes to the business aspect but sometimes, it is a must. Time to step UP and get after it. I’ve been getting the same question on

225 | Donny Pritzlaff, 1 of the BEST Coaches & Humans I Know

Here we go, STRONG Life Podcast ep. 225 with 1 of my favorite people on the planet, Donny Pritzlaff. The best way I can prepare you for this episode is that I’ve got vert few people who I can merely

STRONG Life Insider 44 | Consistency & Doing WORK

STRONG Life Insider ep. 44, here we GO! This episode is a short, to the point podcast on 2 things that everyone KNOWS about yet far & few between ARE about. There are talkers and there are DOERS. There are

STRONG Life Insider Ep. 43 | Be TOUGHER Than Your Excuses

How many excuses can people come up with? Listen, I HATE my OWN excuses. But hearing everyone else with their excuses that never end makes me realize, holy sh-t, I am NOT on their level of weakness. Yes, I know,

STRONG Life Ep. 219 – Martin Rooney & Zach Share Their 50 Combined Years of Coaching Wisdom

Here we GO! STRONG Life Podcast ep. 219 with my man, THE Martin Rooney! Martin was actually my FIRST ever guest on The STRONG Life Podcast and here we are, 7 years later! Man does time fly! This episode can

STRONG Life Podcast Ep 215 | Choose the Ball or the Sword

STRONG Life Podcast ep. 215, Here we GO! This is a short, yet powerful episode where I discuss the influence of Shogun Assassin, where you must Choose the Ball or the Sword. This is about training AND life. I also

STRONG Life Insider Ep 42 | The Infamous “Special Cheeseburger” & Turning Pro

Here we GO! STRONG Life Insider Podcast Ep. 42. In this episode I share a story of the infamous “special cheeseburger” I ordered and the lessons learned in Excellence. How in the world does a “special cheeseburger” relate to excellence?

"Zach Even - Esh is the Charles Atlas of Powerlifting / Weightlifting / Athletic Training. He is a walking inspiration. A kick in the ass for all of us."
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