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Iron Roots Ep 2: Zuver’s Gym | The Biggest, Baddest Gym EVER Known to Man!

Photo Courtesy of Robert Zuver STRONG Life Podcast ep 340 This is Iron Roots Episode 2 In this episode, I take you on a trip back in time to learn about the MOST BadAss Gym EVER Known to Man, Zuver’s

Iron Roots: York Barbell History & Stories with Jan Dellinger

I had such a blast creating The Iron Roots Podcast with my friends at PLAE. 24 episodes ALL on Video as well as Apple Podcasts so you can listen or watch from anywhere. Iron Roots gave me the opportunity to

Iron Roots Ep. 12 | Dinosaur Training

It was the mid 90s and bodybuilding was starting to go from 220 lb competitors to 275 lb competitors. On the other end of the spectrum, Fitness magazines began to get popular along with body pump and spin classes inside

Iron Roots – Ep. 11 – Mike Mentzer aka Mr. Heavy Duty | High Intensity Training

I was 12 years old, maybe 13 when I first came across the training of Mike Mentzer aka Mr. Heavy Duty. I remember thinking to myself, Holy s–t, this guy looks like he’s been carved from stone! Mike had a

Iron Roots Ep. 10 – Wrestling Physical Conditioning Encyclopedia by John Jesse

This book was gifted to me in the early 2000s by Josh Henkin, creator of The Ultimate Sandbag. I will never forget how grateful I was and still am that Josh shared this book with me! This book was written

Iron Roots Ep. 9 | George Hackenschmidt aka The Russian Lion

MANY years ago I got my hands on a book titled The Way to Live. I loved the book. It was so simple yet so powerful. I was training athletes from my garage back then and I was already tired

Iron Roots Ep. 8 – Göerner the Mighty

Iron Roots Podcast ep. 8. In this episode, I talk about a BEAST of a man, Hermann Goerner. The Mighty Goerner was known for his tremendous feats of strength such as wrestling an elephant and Deadlifting almost 800 lbs with

Iron Roots Podcast Ep. 7 | The History Behind The Box Squat

In this episode of The Iron Roots Podcast, I get into the History behind the box squat. I also share how we use the box squat at The Underground Strength Gym along with proper application of the box squat. I

Iron Roots Ep. 6 | Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding

Here we go! Iron Roots Podcast ep. 6. This episode is about 1 of my favorite AND most recommended books, Arnold’s Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding. It was the mid 80s and I wasn’t even a teenager yet, I was 11

Iron Roots Podcast Ep. 5 | Strength & Health Magazine

Here we GO! Iron Roots Podcast Episode 5. This is THE magazine that I WISH I had when I began training. For me, it was Muscle & Fitness ad FLEX Magazine. These magazines were all about training for asthetics and

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