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203 | Marty Gallagher on Minimalist Strength Training

Photo Credit: Marty Gallagher’s Purposeful Primitive Book STRONG Life Podcast ep.203. I LOVE talking training and life with Marty Gallagher. We speak often and we do it the “old school” way, via phone! Imagine that! In this episode Marty and

RAW with Marty Gallagher: Strength Endurance, Minimalist Training & Fighting the Fads & Gimmicks of Strength & Conditioning

In this BONUS episode of The STRONG Life Podcast I join my friends of Iron Company on their podcast. We’ve got JP Brice, Marty Gallagher and Jim Steel. Marty’s podcast is called RAW, and once you hear his unfiltered ways

160 | Marty Gallagher on Minimalist Training for Elite Strength & Performance

STRONG Life ep. 160 with my friend Marty Gallagher, author of The Purposeful Primitive and STRONG Medicine. In this episode Marty shares how he is helping others achieve elite levels of strength & performance training once a week or one

The Four Pillars of Transformative Fitness by Marty Gallagher

The Four Pillars of Transformative Fitness To succeed, radical physical transformation need be simultaneously multidimensional. Let us do something rarely done in fitness; let us speak philosophically. What are we doing and why are we doing it? Why are we

STRONG Experience with Zach & Marty Gallagher

Next Date TBA   Location:   Zach Even – Esh and Marty Gallagher Team up to Deliver a Strength Experience for the SERIOUS Strength Athlete / Strength Coach. Get After It & Register HERE ____________ This Seminar is best suited

Marty Gallagher | Simplifying Strength Training for MAXIMUM Results

Episode 117 of The STRONG Life Podcast with my friend and mentor, Marty Gallagher. Marty is the author of multiple books and 1 of them is my ALL time favorite, The Purposeful Primitive. You can also listen to our first

STRONG Life Ep 19: Marty Gallagher Pulls NO Punches On STRENGTH

In this episode of The STRONG Life Podcast, I interview Marty Gallagher, author of The Purposeful Primitive and trainer to Tier 1 Spec Ops Military Units in the states and overseas. ======================= If you haven’t done so yet, can you

STRONG Over 40: 5 Speed & POWER Exercises for MEN Over 40

Photo Cred: Inside Marty Gallagher’s Must Have Book, Purposeful Primitve As I continue to share more for the Men Over 40 crew, this is the latest video for my series called ‘STRONG Over 40’. One of the requests I often

362: Andy Baker | Strength Training for Men in our 40s & as We “Get Older” & Running an AWESOME Personal Training Business

STRONG Life Podcast ep 362 with Strength Coach, Gym Owner and Author, Andy Baker. Connect with Andy at Brought to you by – Get your FREE Training Courses & Exclusive Discount Code for our Online Store This episode

353 | Strength Training in Your 40s, Training Around Injuries, the Mental Aspect of Training in Your 40s & Training Athletes Differently in the SAME Group

STRONG Life Podcast ep 353 Brought to you by Topics in this episode:

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