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Iron Roots Podcast Ep. 4 | The Touch System

Iron Roots Podcast Ep. 4. In this episode, I talk about a technique used for spotting that is more psychological than it is physical. In fact, I was using this myself in my late teens when I began pushing heavier

Iron Roots Podcast Ep. 3 | Training for Life | Dr. Ken

Here we go! Iron Roots Podcast, Episode 3. In this episode of Iron Roots, I talk about someone I NEVER met, yet he was a mentor to me from all of his writings & videos I had come across

Iron Roots Podcast Ep. 1 | 5 X 5 Strength Training + The Power of Push Ups

Here’s your Underground Strength Challenge for this month along with Iron Roots Podcast episode 1 where I dive into the History behind the 5 x 5 strength training program! It’s ALL about the basics in this one, post your comments,

Iron Memories & Lessons Learned From Gyms & Weight Rooms

I’ve been going back to my favorite books and magazines a lot lately, the stuff I grew up on from the late 80s and early 90s (Arnold’s Books) along with the stuff I missed out on (The Strength Magazines of

WHY Iron History Is SO Important

I’ve traveled around the country and have done some crazy things to get my hands on vintage, historical strength training equipment. This article was written in 2010. This was a time when I rarely came across collectors. People flipping vintage

The Soul Lifter, The Iron Man – Where are You?

I started lifting weights / strength training back when I was 13, it was 2 weeks before 8th grade was over. I used the weights my older bro had in his room down stairs on an old school Joe Weider

419 | The PLAE Road Trip: Lessons in High School Strength & Conditioning, Life & Making it Happen as a Strength Coach

Last week, Coach Paul Kolody and I took a road trip to South Carolina. We wanted to drive somewhere within an 8 hour radius so we could visit other Coaches and get our learn on! When Rich Gray saw that

351 | Favorite Books for Life & Training, Neck Strength & BAD vs Good Business

STRONG Life Podcast ep 351 is bringing the THUNDER! Brought to you by This was a Great QnA and the questions got me fired up. I’ve been fired up a lot lately and am honestly confused with the world

337 | QnA: Muscle Building Techniques (Old & New), Spec Ops Preparation, Calisthenics Tips & More

STRONG Life Podcast ep 337 Brought to you by In this QnA I cover the following topics: – What are hypertrophy clusters and how are the variations different from the 70s leading up to today?

335 | Old School Bodybuilding Methods for Athletes, Nutrition Tips, Lessons from Rocky & Much More!

STRONG Life Podcast ep 335 Old School Bodybuilding Methods for Athletes, Nutrition Tips, Lessons from Rocky & Much More! This was a podcast that I did with Marc Lobliner and Bryce Biel, called The Legacy Project. Their first episode they

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