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Weekend Reading List Jan. 3, 2014

Almost every Friday I e mail The Underground Strength Insider a Weekend Reading & Learning List. These weekend “action lists” are centered around helping you develop greater strength from the inside out. A weak mind makes a weak man. So, before we move on, enter your e mail and subscribe to The Underground Strength Insider.…… More


Nate Miyaki Intermittent FEAST QnA – Part I

“The Principal Food for Man is Pure Air” – George Hackenschmidt, The Russian Lion Z: Nate – Dog! Thanks for hooking up The Underground Strength Nation with your time. I love what you’re doing and wanna spread some of your ass kickin’ nutrition knowledge. We’re all about minimalist training here at Underground Strength — You…… More


Thanksgiving Workout & Eating Tips

“If You Are Operating On A Normal Or Average Level, It’s Because You Haven’t Dug Deep Enough To Discover Your “WHY?” ________________ With all the banter around training hard during the holiday season I thought I would remind you….. It doesn’t matter whether it’s holiday or not, you should be consistent with ass kicking workouts,…… More

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