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Convict Conditioning – The Truth

Would love to hear your comments and thoughts on this. Drop a comment below! In Strength, –Z– PS: Get Convict Conditioning HERE – don’t listen to the cry babies, this book is legit and BadAss! Get it HERE PPS: If you’re a Serious Strength Coach, THIS is for you.


There Are NO Secrets

Some say they have secrets for packing on freakish amounts of ripped muscle and insane amounts of strength. Continue reading if you want the truth. Freak Strength, Brute Strength, Functional Strength & Rugged Muscle – if you want ALL of these traits, then you better Squat and Deadlift. I’ve been using these terms for well…… More

Training with a Navy SEAL

About 15 years ago I was training a bit with a Navy SEAL. He was in Israel at the time, but eventually came to the states. His training regiment was brutal. Three days a week he ran a good 10 km or more. My brother would run with him since he was in the military…… More

Q & A from a skinny guy and a former inmate

Today I had a skinny guy stop into the gym….after he left the gym next door. The other day, another skinny guy who confessed to being a former inmate stopped by as well. I’m starting to worry who the heck will be stopping by next. The former inmate confessed he was way bigger in “the…… More

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