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STRONG Over 40: 5 Speed & POWER Exercises for MEN Over 40

Photo Cred: Inside Marty Gallagher’s Must Have Book, Purposeful Primitve As I continue to share more for the Men Over 40 crew, this is the latest video for my series called ‘STRONG Over 40’. One of the requests I often

371 | 7 Proven Strategies for Coaches to Build Champion Athletes

STRONG Life Podcast ep 371 Brought to you by and – The SSPC Certification In this episode I cover the 7 strategies that are crucial for Sports Performance Coaches / ANY Coach in building Champion athletes as well

370 | Bodybuilding VS Sports Performance, Strength for the “Average Man” & Longevity with Barbell Training

STRONG Life Podcast ep 370 Brought to you by The SSPC Cert is LIVE this Week Packed with Amazing Content & BONUSES to Ensure You Dominate in Training AND Business as a Strength Coach QnA episode this time

STRONG & Lean Over 35

STRONG OVER 35 is HERE and it’s only 7 dollars. Why? I am tired of seeing the BS being peddled out there for Men Over 35. The training I see being prescribed is conservative at best. “Coaches” are out there

Josh Bryant & JP Mikhael: Prison Strength Training & Business Lessons Learned in Prison

This is a BONUS episode of The STRONG Life Podcast with my buddies JP Mikhael and Josh Bryant. Josh Bryant & JP Mikhael discuss Prison Strength Training & Business Lessons that JP learned while serving 9 years in prison. Connect

TOP 3 Exercises for MAN STRENGTH

The type of training I see being prescribed for Men Over 40 from “Expert Coaches” is often way too conservative. It looks like the pump up work I did when I copied Muscle & Fiction in 1990! Men Over 40

9 Bodyweight Exercises for BIGGER Arms & Upper Body STRENGTH

Calisthenics. Bodyweight Training. Bodyweight Bodybuilding. Regardless of your age, calisthenics are for YOU. Working with athletes every day, I am constantly reminding them that 100 push ups a day is NORMAL ACTIVITY. It is truly disappointing and frustrating to see

365 | Why Men Over 40 Need a STRONG Back & a STRONGER Attitude

STRONG Life Podcast ep 365 Why Men Over 40 Need a STRONG Back & a STRONGER Attitude Brought to you by Why are men becoming fragile snowflakes when they “get older”? Men are afraid to “lift heavy” or perform

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